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MX News Update 2024


Environmental Film Festival returns after a ten-year hiatus

FOR the first time in 10 years, the Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) environmental film series is back, with their first screening last Tuesday.

Attendees gathered at Anglesea Memorial Hall for the first film, where they learned how to support

sustainable local food growers with a screening of The Seeds of Vandana Shiva.

SCEG first produced the film series between 2008 and 2014, where they inspired local action and launched a plastic bag-free initiative in Torquay following a film on the issue of ocean plastic in 2010.

“After each film, we invite guest speakers to contribute ideas and present the audience with positive actions they can take

to make a difference,” says series creative director Perry Mills.

“Whether that is something big, like installing solar panels on the house, or something small but powerful, like writing to a politician.”

The recent screening included a discussion panel representing Torquay Farmers Market, The Common Ground Project, Kinsfolk Farm and Farm My School.

This will be followed by a screening of A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity, which will take place on June 11, followed by a panel discussion.

The films are expected to showcase, inspire, connect and support people who are passionate about making the environment around them more sustainable.

“The films and themes we present contain inspiring stories for a sustainable future,” said Mills.

“It is important to realize that we can do a lot.”

All films will be shown at Anglesea Memorial Hall, with the final screening on October 8.

For more information, including the full program and tickets, visit