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LSU’s Sydney Berzon pitched a complete game of 14 INNING, 208 PITCH at the SEC softball tournament


I’m sorry, what has she done now?

While I’m not the greatest ball expert when it comes to softball, if you had asked me what the maximum number of pitches someone can throw before their arm falls off, I might have guessed 140. Sydney Berzon stayed there for a fortnight. innings and 208 pitches and then jumped on the SEC Network desk and said she could pitch again the next day if LSU needed her. I can’t believe that’s even possible, but shout out to Sydney for being ready to take the rubber when she’s called upon.

The Tigers ultimately won the game, but Sydney had every right to berate her teammates in the dugout like a dog every time they stepped up to the plate. LSU scored two runs in the first 13 innings before finally driving a third over in the 14th to close out the game. If I had thrown 208 pitches in 14 innings while allowing only two runs and my team still hadn’t won the game, I would be making up new swear words to call my teammates.

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All’s well that ends well, yes. Some of these MLB guys who couldn’t pitch in the sixth inning if their lives depended on it could learn a thing or two from Sydney.