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The Tonga twins left WOW for ‘speaking out’ and are now free agents

The Tonga Twins have left WOW: Women of Wrestling.

Kaoz & Kona are former tag team champions in the promotion and have been regulars on WOW since their debut with the company in 2022.

The duo hasn’t wrestled since WOW’s last event last December, which, as it turns out, was their final appearance for the promotion.

This comes as the Tonga Twins recently announced on their Twitter account that they have left WOW. They are now free agents and are not happy with the way the promotion has treated them.

Kaoz, also known as Steff MK, started working on it Tweet to make the announcement. She claimed that the Tonga Twins will no longer be part of WOW because they “spoke out”, although they did not reveal what.

She claimed the promotion was “So evil,” even closing the post with the words “#FuckWOW.”

“We will speak out soon, but for now we will leave it at that. To all the women who are afraid to speak up: we have your back! You won’t see us on WOW again because we spoke out! You can’t do this to GOOD PEOPLE who sacrifice for their families!! So bad. Mess with us, you mess with our children and family and that is PERSONAL. Wait a minute…Tonga Twins are now free agents!!!!! The marathon continues. – We are Tonga Twins. #FuckWOW”

Kona, aka Ashley MK, replied to the post. She said it’s “time for the next run,” indicating there’s a big future for the couple.

“To my children mom sorry!! Time for the next run my sister ??

The Tonga Twins could appear in AEW, where they wrestled on AEW Dark in 2021 as the MK Twins.