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Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges: Silvia Surfer – GTPlanet

The next couple Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges are starting to arrive on consoles around the world, becoming available as soon as your PlayStation clock ticks from midnight to Friday morning.

Your new quintet of events for the next seven days consists of a special event created just for the week – which will disappear back into the ether when the week ends (when they should really be new bonus menu books) – and two events that you must unlock to gain access.

In terms of value, the week starts with an American Sunday Cup 600 race at the Daytona Tri-Oval. This three-lap left turn requires a Road Car from an American manufacturer, and the ‘600’ part of the name is just an indication for Performance Points to make it a fair fight. Or you can smurf it in a Tomahawk S as it only costs 15,000 cr.

One of the two unlockable races is next, in the Silvia Sisters event at Tokyo Expressway South Clockwise. It’s a relatively entertaining affair, requiring one of the specific cars from the Silvia family – including the 180SX and SilEighty – and considering they’re among the most customizable cars in the game, it’s a pretty wild field. Don’t spend a fortune though, as victory in this three-round race will net you just 45,000 cr.

The Audi TT is back for a special event, this time heading to Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa. It’s another three-lap run, which only requires you to drive one of the three generations of Audi TT road cars in the game, with no tuning restrictions. Take victory and earn 55,000 cr.

You’ll also need to unlock the Vision Gran Turismo Trophy event if you haven’t already, and as the name suggests it’s limited to VGT cars only. It’s five laps around the entire Grand Valley Highway-1 circuit, with each VGT allowed up to a limit of 850 PP, for a winner’s pot of 80,000 cr. Watch out for that Skoda in the front, because it’s pretty fast.

Finally there is a World Touring Car 700 event at the Autopolis circuit. You can use any car in the game for this race, as long as it fits under the 700PP limit and uses racing tires of any quality. That’s right at the top end of Gr.4, which nicely explains why your AI rivals are all in Gr.4 cars… Win the 10 lap race (and rain is possible here) and score 130,000 cr.

This week’s rewards consist of two guaranteed credit tickets and something else left to chance. You will earn a 100,000 cr ticket for completing one event and a 200,000 cr ticket for completing three events. These must be redeemed in the Gifts section of your garage. Complete all five and you’ll receive a five-star roulette ticket, which can contain up to 1,000,000 cr, but likely 100,000 cr or a car worth up to 450,000 cr.

You must have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie to access the weekly challenges. The events are updated on Thursday evening/Friday morning at midnight local time, so we expect the next set on the morning of Friday, May 17.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges May Week 2:

  • Autopolis International – World Touring Car 700
    • Number of rounds: 10
    • Restrictions: ≤700PP, racing tires
    • Profit reward: 130,000 cr
  • Daytona Tri-Oval – American Sunday Cup 600
    • Number of rounds: 3
    • Restrictions: Road Car, USA
    • Profit reward: 15,000 cr
  • Grand Valley Highway-1 – Vision GT Trophy
    • Number of rounds: 5
    • Restrictions: ≤850PP, Vision Gran Turismo
    • Profit reward: 80,000 cr
  • Kyoto Yamagiwa – Special event
    • Number of rounds: 3
    • Restrictions: Audi TT
    • Profit reward: 55,000 cr
  • Tokyo Expressway South clockwise – Silvia Sisters
    • Number of rounds: 3
    • Restrictions: Nissan 180SX/SilEighty/Silvia
    • Profit reward: 45,000 cr


  • Complete 1 event: 100,000 cr ticket
  • Complete 3 events: 200,000 cr ticket
  • Complete 5 events: Five Star Roulette Ticket

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