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MX News Update 2024


Greg Minnaar provides updates on injury status after the double crash in Fort William

Norco’s season has gotten off to a difficult start. A day after Lucas Cruz crashed during practice at the Fort William World Cup, pinching his thigh, newly signed star Greg Minnaar crashed twice during his race. Cruz is already on the long road to recovery. Minnaar’s status remained a question mark until an update on Thursday.

The South African said his crashes left him with a grade 3 shoulder separation. That’s the downgrade from this initial prognosis of a grade 4 separation after a visit to a shoulder specialist in Manchester. Regardless, he added that there are still some bone shards hanging around the joints.

That’s not great news, but not the worst. It’s apparently manageable enough that Minnaar is still considering racing in Poland next weekend. That will depend on what happens when he gets back on the bike for the first time since the crash.

“I’m just moving forward. I don’t think surgery is necessary yet. If I want to keep racing this season I have to keep going, so that’s the plan. Hopefully we can race in Poland, but I will know more this weekend.”

Getting back to the tapes in about a week is ambitious. But the South African has spoken about this season as if it could be his last. So he is clearly motivated to get something out of it. With two decades of experience, you can bet this isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to riding through injuries.

“It’s never easy. I think the pain that shot through my shoulder caused the second crash and that’s what happens with the divorce. It’s a feeling I’ve felt before and an injury I’ve had a few times, so hopefully I can race again as soon as possible.”

Lucas Cruz was released from the hospital

Norco also included an update from Canadian National Champion Lucas Cruz. It appears that the operation on his thigh went well. The rider from Pemberton, BC is already out of hospital, back on his feet and moving around the hospital, although getting back on the bike is a longer road.

“The pain is quite severe at the moment, but they say I can fully bear the weight as soon as I want. I’ve been up and down stairs, walking, etc.,” says Cruz. The warm-hearted Canuck is already looking forward to the moment when he can ride again.

“Of course you can’t help but think about the next race I take part in, but at the moment I am taking this rehabilitation very seriously in all respects so that I can be with the team again and do what I love. Thank you everyone for the support, especially my unique team Norco Race Division, who assisted me in this recovery. We’ve got all the bases covered and I can’t wait to see everyone soon!”