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MX News Update 2024


Jerry Jeudy, Elijah Moore and The Browns take the field during OTAs

The NFL news cycle never sleeps. As we wait on the edge of our seats for the release of the fixture list and all the leaks that will hit the media cycle in the coming days, we got a glimpse of football from the Browns’ social media team.

Organized team activities are a great way to get some of the team in town working on playbook installations, throwing the football around and, most importantly, getting the boys back together. They are ideal for new coaching staff and new players to meet and learn about each other. For experienced players, OTAs are sometimes not even attended, which is not a cause for concern.

You can’t win a game in May, but it’s still great to see the orange and brown people running around on the field getting ready for another great season.

On Tuesday, the Browns’ social media team gave us a behind-the-scenes look with a series of posts. They led the charge with some wholesome video of the team’s future star tackle Dawand Jones And James Hudson Singing “Best Friend” as you walk onto the field.

Next up was a shot of a star wide receiver Elijah Moore as he winks at the camera as he heads to the field. Moore will look to develop more chemistry Amari CoopR and new running mate, Jerry Jeudy.

Then we got a series of funny pictures, starting with Corey Bojorquez drink two smoothies at the same time and you’re done James Winston getting his pre-workout stretching routine in.

Next up is another orange jersey, this time it’s QB1 Deshaun Watson. Watson will have another year of pressure to perform and be at the top of his game, but come May he is relaxed with a smile from ear to ear.

We’ll wrap it up with a video clip that we all love to see and that’s Jerry Jeudy running a dig route and picking up a pass over the middle. It’s hard not to get excited about the potential Jeudy brings in 2024.

It is a refreshing day when football graces our timeline and on Wednesday we got a taste of it. This fall we are one day closer to football.