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UFC’s Derrick Lewis in talks with WWE for potential crossover

Since the merger of WWE and UFC into TKO, there has been speculation about possible cross-promotion and fighters switching from MMA to WWE. UFC’s Derrick Lewis is even in talks with WWE for a possible crossover.

Derrick Lewis, known for his record-breaking knockouts in the UFC’s heavyweight division, is actually a huge WWE fan and also wants to dive into professional wrestling.

During the press conference for UFC Fight Night, “The Black Beast” was asked about a possible partnership with WWE. Lewis revealed he was in talks with the wrestling company and said there were plans to work with WWE earlier this year in February.

“Yes, we are currently in discussions and have been talking for a few months now. I was going there in February to see everything.’

When asked about his finisher in the WWE ring, Derrick Lewis stated that it would be similar to something that WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi did, which was his iconic stinkface.

“It had to be something like Rikishi, you know, maybe you’ll see it man, you know, somehow I like to take off my shorts so maybe we can see something like that.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Derrick Lewis will eventually make his way to WWE, as UFC stars have proven they are capable of transitioning to professional wrestling.

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