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PBCC is gearing up to host the 4th T20 Blind Cricket World Cup

ISLAMABAD, May 9 (APP): The Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) was gearing up to host the 4th T20 Blind Cricket World Cup, with matches scheduled for November 22 to December 3 in Punjab and Sindh.

PBCC Chairman Syed Sultan Shah said the event would be a huge success with seven countries including India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, West Indies, New Zealand and Nepal expected to participate in the event. Australia was also expected to confirm its participation soon.

Shah, who was also president of World Blind Cricket Limited, said he would visit Sindh for World Cup hosting meetings with the provincial government.

PBCC will work closely with provincial governments to ensure appropriate organization of the World Cup, he told APP.

The event was expected to cost around Rs 60 million. Hosting the fourth T20 Blind Cricket World Cup is an honor for Pakistan and the country looks forward to welcoming teams from all over the world, he said.

He also said that India Blind Cricket Council chairman Mahantish GK has also ensured that he will attend the World Cup in Pakistan.

The venues for the matches had yet to be determined, but PBCC was working with the provincial governments to finalize the arrangements.

This is a great opportunity for Pakistan to host the mega event, and PBCC was fully committed to making the 4th T20 Blind Cricket World Cup an unforgettable experience.