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Prime Minister’s Questions: John Swinney faces MSPs as leader for the first time

Opposition not impressed by Swinney’s cabinetpublished at 11:32

John Swinney's cabinetImage source, PA media

The Prime Minister says his cabinet “combines experience and energy with a strong focus on the priorities my government will pursue”.

But what did the opposition have to say?

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross wrote to .”

Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labor Party Jackie Baillie branded the reshuffle as “uninspiring” and called for an election as leader of the Scottish Labor Party Anas Sarwar wrote about X: “The continuity cabinet. All about running their party, nothing to do with running the country.

Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, also went to Lorna Slater told BBC Scotland News she had “clear concerns”, particularly around the lack of a climate change minister.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole Hamilton said the largely unchanged cabinet is “a recipe for disappointment.”

He added: “This parade of famous faces proves that no one in the SNP ever pays the price, despite one in seven Scots being stuck on NHS waiting lists, sewage in our rivers at record levels and islanders waiting forever on ferries.”