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Tiger Woods ‘votes against Rory McIlroy as relationship sours’ in golf development

Tiger Woods was reportedly one of three members of the PGA Tour Policy Board who were ‘not keen’ on Rory McIlroy’s return, as the two business partners have been ‘feuding’ in recent months.

McIlroy was a prominent figure on the policy council until November last year, when he resigned, citing personal and professional commitment for his resignation.

But the four-time champion looked set for a shock return after it was reported that Webb Simpson had tendered his own resignation and asked McIlroy to take his place.

The move was due to be voted on and McIlroy has now claimed some members felt ‘uneasy’ about his return.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have reportedly had a falling out

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have reportedly had a falling out


“There have been a lot of conversations,” McIlroy said.

“It kind of reminded me why I didn’t stay on the board. So yeah, I think it got quite complicated and quite messy.

“I think the way it happened opened up old wounds and scar tissue from things that happened before.

“I think there were some people on the board who maybe didn’t like me coming back for one reason or another.

“McIlroy has not named who he believes are against his reinstatement to the board, but it is suggested that Woods was among those who disagreed with the Northern Irishman.

According to Golf Digest, Woods was one of three board members – including Patrick Cantlay and Jordan Spieth – who were “not particularly enthusiastic about welcoming McIlroy back.”

The report adds that McIlroy’s relationship with Woods has “soured” in recent months.

It is suggested that there is a ‘feud’ between TGL’s business partners.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are business partners

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are business partners


McIlroy took issue with Spieth’s comments earlier this year stating that the PGA Tour no longer needed to make a deal with PIF after the $3 billion deal with Strategic Sports Group (SSG).

Spieth’s comments were publicly supported by Woods, who stated that the PGA Tour does not require further investment from PIF.

But McIlroy took a different stance as he felt it risked ruining ongoing talks between the two major parties.


Rory McIlroy will not return to the board

Rory McIlroy will not return to the board


“My thing was if I was the original investor who thought they were going to get this deal done in July, and I hear a board member saying that, you know, we don’t really need them right now, how are they going to feel about that, what are they going to do? do they feel about it?” McIlroy said.

“They’re still sitting there with hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions, that they’re going to put into the sport, and I know what Jordan said… but if I was PIF and I heard that the day after, if I had this SSG deal done, I wouldn’t have been very happy with it.”