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Mitchell Hooper opens up about the horrific injuries he suffered during the world’s strongest man championship

The life of an athlete is not easy, and if the sport is related to Strongman, things can get bloody very quickly. Canadian power icon Mitchell Hooper has made a name for himself in the field with his spectacular performances and numerous titles this season. However, even the Arnold Strongman Classic champion could not escape serious injuries.

He recently took to Instagram to share some anecdotes from behind the curtains at the World’s Strongest Man Championship, held a few days ago in Myrtle Beach. While the competition itself was an adrenaline fuel, bringing together strongmen from different countries to test their limits, it also appeared to have danger attached to it.

Hooper revealed images of his bloodied hand in a video and admitted in another detailed post that he suffered serious injuries in the first round of the final itself. This made him doubt whether he could continue with his participation, as being safe and injury-free was his ultimate goal.

However, he persevered and finished in second place on the podium, behind British Strongman champion Tom Stoltman. In the caption below the video, he confessed the harsh reality of the sport.

“Insight into what happened between the events. This is a strong man. You have to be a little bit stupid and a little bit tough to hack it at the highest level.”

The separate post included his warmest wishes for Stoltman’s third title, along with a description of some of the gory details the sport is witnessing. Because his hands were practically split open, the equipment showed blood and skin that the volunteers had to clean up each time. And while it may sound annoying to many, strength athletes are used to witnessing and experiencing accidents all the time.

“With every repetition of the ashes they took my blood and skin from the bar. I set a world record for throwing a barrel while holding the barrel in open wounds. I couldn’t hold a 730 pound deadlift backstage and stepped out to hit 830 for 6 reps. I came second in the atlas stones with sticky spread from wounds in my hands.”

Even more than physical strength, strong men had to fight through mental adversities, especially when they suffered injuries. Even though Hopper knew he might not be at his best, the most important thing was to beat the competition, and he did that. Towards the end, he refused to accept sympathy or condolences for loss and injury. Instead, he wanted fans to congratulate and celebrate him for his important achievement.

Fans came out in full force to support Mitchell Hooper

As they watched him fight tooth and nail to reach the top and glimpsed his bloodied hands, strongman enthusiasts witnessed in admiration Hooper’s attitude toward the competition. His coach, Laurence Shahlaei, was especially proud of his mentee’s hard work towards the title.

“After messing up your hands earlier in the competition, you still fought and lasted until the end. You can be very proud of yourself…’

Hooper’s resilience impressed Ireland’s strongest man, Pa O’Dwyer.

“You’re a tough bastard to perform the way you did with those messed up hands…”

Many fans appreciated him and made him proud of himself for coming through injuries.

“After messing up your hands earlier in the competition, you still fought and lasted until the end. You can be very proud of yourself…’

Some even called him and his strength an inspiration to those who wanted a push in their lives to trudge on.

“Stay proud man. You are an inspiration. Not giving up is a rare skill that lies at the heart of a beast mentality. We don’t lose. We win or we learn. Proud of you!”

Finally, one of the volunteers who helped Hooper manage his injuries also expressed her awe.

“It was a pleasure watching you and trying to absorb you between the events, Mitch. You put on a great performance. Ps, sorry (again) for burning the dermabond…’

He may not have won the championship this year, but the Canadian ultimately won hearts and respect for his stunt. Now fans are eagerly awaiting his next performance as he gets ready to smoke the rest of his competitors.