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Andrew Schulz Reveals Why Dana White Called Netflix ‘Liberal F**ks’ in Opening Joke on Tom Brady Roast Special

Have you seen Dana White on The Roast of Tom Brady? If not, you missed a fiery performance from the UFC boss. Known for not throwing punches, Dana took the stage with some bold comments against not only Brady, but the culture of Netflix. In his brief moment, he didn’t shy away from controversy, making fun of Brady’s running and even making a controversial joke about his own name, challenging the “liberal” vibe.

Comedian Andrew Schulz sheds light on a pre-show conversation that shaped that moment. It turns out that Dana’s bold line was more than just a spontaneous joke; it was a calculated move.

Did Dana White seek Schulz’s approval?

During a recent podcast, Andrew Schulz revealed some backstage details of the infamous Netflix roast. It all started when Joe Rogan, who played the connector, texted Schulz asking if UFC president Dana White could get his number. Once connected, White was eager to hear Schulz’s thoughts on his prepared material. “He does a few jokes and they’re funny,” Schulz said, indicating that he initially approved of White’s humor.

One of the jokes White shared was, “You’ve been in Boston so long, I always thought you were from there. Then I saw you running and I thought, no, he’s definitely from San Francisco.” This joke about Tom Brady’s agility (or lack thereof) was all in good fun. However, another joke quickly changed the tone. Dana joked, “My name is Dana. Is that transgender enough for you liberal assholes?” This was the sentence that caught Schulz off guard.

“I’m calling him back. I’m saying man, I don’t know if that’s really going to work,” said Schulz, who expressed doubts about the joke’s reception. White’s response? “Oh, I don’t care, I just want them to know I don’t care.”

It’s clear that White was less interested in laughing and more interested in making a statement, undeterred by the possible backlash. This interaction not only highlights the content of the jokes, but also the defiant attitude White displayed, making his message loud and clear.

What do you think? Should comedy push the boundaries of political correctness, or is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed, even in jest?

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