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Moray clubs in the middle of the Galbraith Highlands tennis competition

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The Galbraith Highland competitions entered their second week with Moray clubs heavily involved in the action.

Calleigh McConnell was in excellent form in the Highlands tennis competition.  Photo: Daniel ForsythCalleigh McConnell was in excellent form in the Highlands tennis competition.  Photo: Daniel Forsyth
Calleigh McConnell was in excellent form in the Highlands tennis competition. Photo: Daniel Forsyth

Aberlour made a welcome comeback to the Highland League, entering the women’s fourth division.

After their hard-fought draw at Gordonstoun in the first round, they hosted the Kingussie seconds. It was a hard-fought affair with the Badenoch women winning the score 5-4.

The turning point in the match came in the 1v1 rubber. The homesters entered the meeting with high expectations, while the visitors rushed to win the first set 6-2. The Aberlour duo, Marjory Stronach and Kerry Stewart, got off to a good start, winning the second set 6-4 and the match tie-break 10-4. Their next rubber was won 6-1, 6-1. Kathryn Outram and Anne Findlay did not have such a good evening and lost in both matches

Elgin men’s A team derby, at home to Rothes, proved to be a game of two halves, with Elgin number ones, Henry Archibald and Mitchell McGrath, losing just three games from their four sets.

The task for the Rothesians was to defeat the number two Elgin. Adam Macleod and Mark Hearns dispatched Ewen Fraser and Ed Borrowman 3-6, 2-6.

It was all because of the 2v2 rubber. Ross Elder and Chris Robertson were slow off target, and Fraser and Borrowman took full advantage to win the first set 6-4. The second set was a complete turnaround, with the Rothes pair racing through to level matters (1-6). The tiebreak in the match was also one-sided, with Elder and Robertson winning the score at 1-10. So it could have been a draw, but by winning that set Fraser and Borrowman secured the three points for their team.

Elgin A Ladies, the defending champions, started their season with a stuttering 3-3 draw at Inverness Tennis & Squash Club. However, they put that behind them in their last outing, taking the 8-1 thrashing of Rothiemurchus. Jasmin Taylor and June Buchan led the way with 6-2, 6-2 and 6-1, 6-1 wins. Teammates Jenny Milne and Riana Oeschger dropped one set in their two performances.

The Elgin Mixed A team played at Nairn and also won. Sally Walker and Lewis Simpson had two successes, but there was some disappointment at their failure to score two, back-to-back set wins. Teresa Tait and Richard Wormald helped matters by succeeding (6-2, 7-6) in the 2v2 match.

Forres A ladies lead the Second Division promotion race after the first two rounds. However, their final performance was highly controversial.

The two Forres pairs (Shona Marshall and Pauline Brown and Janette Ker and Sharon Carmichael) easily defeated the homesters’ second seeds. It was a different story against the first pair, with Ker and Carmichael going down 1-6, 3-6.

Marshall and Brown also lost, but taking the rubber to three sets gave their team that extra point to secure the victory.

The Elgin club also leads the way in Division 2 of the Mixed. Their home match against Elgin B was the closest of the campaign so far. Three, three set rubbers (two of them won by a two-point margin – 10-8 and 12-10 – plus a normal, first-to-seven breaker, showed how highly competitive and closely matched the two foursomes were .

The Rothes Men’s B team are at the forefront of the battle for the Division 3 title. Their winning run continued with the 7-0 defeat of Forres B.

The margin of victory in no way tells the whole story. There was only one clear victory: Martin Johnston and Neal Anderson defeated Owen Davidson Knight and Hamish Davidson 6-1, 6-0.

Four of the remaining five sets were won with seven games to five. Knight and Davidson lost 5-7, 5-7 to Liam Anderson and Dave Watson, who defeated James and Izaak Hutton 7-5, 6-3. The Hutton duo only managed one set of their second rubber as time expired. The score was 7-5 for Johnston and Anderson.

The Rothes Ladies A team suffered a bit of a setback when they came so close to victory at home to Grantown. The two Rothes pairs topped Grantown’s first seeds, but lost by their second seed. Maureen Turner and Johanne Dunn won 6-2, 6-3; lost 5-7, 1-6. Meanwhile, Laura Allan and Jane Sim won 6-4, 5-7, 10-6. That second set loss gave the visitors the three points.

The second women’s team started the season poorly, but improved week after week. On their third outing they narrowly lost 4-5 to Bellfield C. The star of the show was eleven year old Calleigh McConnell who, along with Kate Malcolm, won both rubbers but the second home pair, Jenny Shepherd and Martina Munro, unfortunately lost theirs lost.

The outcome could have been a share of the points, but unfortunately the loss of the tiebreak in set one of the 1v2 match meant the women were still looking for those elusive first three points.

In the Mixed, Rothes lost 3-6 at home to R&A A. Michelle Fraser and Bradley Scott won 6-4, 6-3 and lost 4-6, 6-1, 5-10, while Maureen Turner and Jack McConnachie went down. 3-6, 3-6; 6-7, 1-6.

Elgin B won 7-6 at Rothes in the 14-and-under. The two clubs have produced many youngsters who will compete in the 12s later this year.

The homesters were one player short due to illness, meaning the Speysiders had to concede four sets before any tennis could occur.

Results: Calleigh McConnell defeated Crystal Mackenzie 6-0, 6-1; Ruairidh Scott lost to Maya Kobedza 0-6, 0-6; Harris King defeated Joseph Asiabani 7-6, 7-5. Calleigh & Ruairidh defeated Crystal & Maya 5-7, 6-3, 10-8

Other results.


Division 1: Elgin A 5 Rothes4; Inverness A 6 Elgin B 2

Division 3: Rothes C 0 R&A A 8; Bellfield Park C 8 Gordonstoun 0; Forres B 0 Rothes B 8;


Division 1: Elgin A 8 R&A A 0; Nairn6 Elgin B4

Division 2: Inverness B6 Elgin C2; Rothes4Grantown5

Division 3: Forres B1 Bellfield Park B 8; Grantown 4 ForresA 5

Division 4: Aberlour 4 Kingussie B 5; Rothes B3 Gordonstoun6


Division 1: Nairn A3 Elgin A6; Rothes 3 R&A A6

Division 2: Forres B8 Elgin B3



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