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Discover true beauty from within at Authentix

Passionate, qualified and committed to making their clients feel their best, the team at Authentix Beauty and Wellness Clinic in Braddon make their clients feel beautiful from within.

“I believe that giving someone the opportunity to feel confident and happy with their body will become part of their lifestyle,” says Shahnee Jewel, owner and general manager.

Having operated in the ACT for over 10 years, Authentix offers all traditional hairscaping options, specializing in Brazilian waxing for all genders. They take pride in their eyelash and eyebrow services and design techniques. But what sets Authentix apart is their commitment to holistic wellness, offering Canberra’s first closed system colon hydrotherapy service.

Warm water, commonly known as colonic, is used to flush the colon and remove toxins and waste that can make us feel sluggish, tired, or suffer from brain fog. While some may find the idea uncomfortable, the team ensures that clients feel at ease, and that any initial discomfort is more than outweighed by the benefits. With over twenty years of experience in colon hydrotherapy, Shahnee is well versed in its benefits.

“We’ve seen so many amazing benefits from colon irrigation, from helping with depression, fertility anxiety… A healthy gut should contain around 2kg of good bacteria to properly digest food. Most of our intestines, especially when stressed and processed foods, have about 800 grams!” she says.

Discover beauty and health treatments that cater for both indoors and outdoors at Authentix.

Their infrared sauna uses technology that eliminates the heavy air of steam saunas, essentially heating the client instead of the environment. The process helps with skin problems, sleep and weight problems and helps with faster muscle and cell recovery.

“When we integrate the sauna with colon hydrotherapy, an internal detoxification process is initiated. We have the added benefit of being able to follow the sauna with a colonic irrigation, which will help flush out moving toxins and rehydrate the body.”

After five years of searching for a more natural approach to skin lightening, without harmful bleaching effects. The BRYGHT Lightening System allows you to lighten dark areas without endangering your skin.

“Most women have an area on our bodies that we don’t feel comfortable with. The more we can talk about it and feel more comfortable with the body we have, the more we can begin to accept and love ourselves,” says Sjahnee.

Start your journey to looking and feeling great at Authentix Beauty and Wellness Clinic in Braddon;