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Khabib Nurmagomedov and 101-year-old war hero join forces to kick off Russian Football League match

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a national hero in Russia. In a heartwarming event recently, he accompanied another national hero, 100-year-old war veteran Ibrahim-Pasha Sultanovich, to kick off a match of the Russian National Football League.

Both Khabib and Sultanovich appeared on the field as distinguished guests. But Khabib, being the gentleman he is, understands the sacrifices war heroes have to make. So it was only natural that he would support Sultanovich on the court this week at the most salutary time in the MMA community.

Khabib also shared several photos of him with the 100-year-old war hero on his Instagram profile. And even though he didn’t share a video of the entire incident, the official Instagram account of ‘FC Dynamo Makhachkala did.

Their caption revealed that Sultanovich had fought in the coveted Battle of Stalingrad. To the uninitiated, Germany’s failure to capture Stalingrad, despite the overwhelming odds in their favor, was the back of Hitler’s war effort. This would set off a chain of events during World War II that we now know resulted in the defeat of the Nazis.

No honor is valuable enough for such extraordinary warriors. Although Khabib has not fought in any wars, he has been part of many battles, none of which he has ever lost. Moreover, everyone knows that he is a football fanatic.

So the RPL authorities had a good reason to invite Khabib to the field.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s undying love for football.

There can be no doubts about the decision of the RPL authority to honor such a courageous war hero as Sultanovich. And if anyone asks why Khabib ended up there, there are compelling reasons for that too.

Khabib was deeply attracted to the game of football since his childhood. His love for the famous football icon Cristiano Ronaldo also knows no bounds. The Dagestani once visited ‘CR7’ during his time at English football giant Manchester United.

Moreover, Conor McGregor’s arch-rival had also indicated that he would have taken up football professionally if he had not taken up MMA. Therefore, ‘The Eagle’ must not only have felt honored by his presence, but also felt honored when he received an invitation to appear as a distinguished guest for the RPL match.