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Viral Video Shows Sean O’Malley’s Coach Tricks Aljo Sterling into TKO During Their UFC 300 Fight

Did you see the drama at UFC 292 last August in Boston? In a moment that went viral, Sean O’Malley’s coach Tim Welch pulled off a quick performance during the bantamweight title fight. As Aljamain Sterling, the defending champion, took on O’Malley, Welch, posing as Sterling’s coach, shouted.

The result? Sterling stepped forward, right into O’Malley’s knockout punch. How fair is it to use such mind games in the cage? Is this part of the sport, or does this cross the line?

How one shout changed the fight

In the heat of the moment, with the championship on the line, Tim Welch made a move that would reverberate through the MMA world. As Sterling carefully walked around O’Malley, Welch, standing just outside the octagon, blurted out, “Aljo, you gotta go!” — a directive that sounded convincingly like something Sterling’s own coach might shout. Caught in the heat of the moment, Sterling moved up and played right into O’Malley’s strategy.

Almost immediately after Welch’s shout, O’Malley unleashed a precise right hand that caught Sterling off guard, sending him to the mat. What followed was a quick flurry of ground-and-pound strikes from O’Malley, sealing the deal and the title with a knockout. The crowd erupted as the referee waved the fight away, marking a dramatic turn in what had been a highly anticipated match.

Sterling even called out Tim on Twitter for his behavior.

Sterling Vapors after fraudulent scream

Following the viral uproar, Aljamain Sterling took to Twitter to express his frustration directly to Tim Welch. In a fiery post, Sterling chided: “Cap. You talked a lot during my fight with Sean. The referee had to tell you to stfu multiple times. I wanted to punch you between rounds and I regret I did not receive the fine.”

His dissatisfaction did not end there; Sterling criticized Welch’s behavior, commenting, “You should know better as a former fighter and current coach.” He also called out Welch’s constant provocations towards his teammate, saying: ‘You talk about Merab all the time. Let Sean talk, you don’t have to join in the nonsense unless you want the trouble. It’s that simple, brother.”

This bold call emphasized the tension and added a new layer to the unfolding drama. So, what do you think? Was Tim Welch’s maneuver a masterstroke of mental warfare, or did he cross the line into unsportsmanlike conduct?

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