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Swerve Strickland references Drake and Kendrick Lamar in Christian Cage Dynamite takedown

After advertising their in-ring confrontation for the entire first hour DynamiteAEW World Champion Swerve Strickland marched to the ring at the top of the second hour to address the crowd, and believe me, he was angry.

Christian Cage criticizes the way he won a world title Everything or nothingNegotiating with the EVPs for a spot in the main event, Strickland demanded that the Patriarchy come to the ring as he was prepared for their tricks this time.

But first, before Cage, the Waynes, and Luchasaurus could throw down all four members of the Moguel Embassy minus Prince Nana, the AEW World Champion decided to throw one last, huge salvo at the former TNT Champion, so much so that even Excaliber, Tony Schiavone and Don Callis had to shout out on comment.

‘What is it, Christian? I really want you to get in this ring so I can beat your ass like Kendrick Lamar did to Drake last weekend. It won’t be the last time someone from the West Coast takes out a fake dad from Toronto,” Swerve Strickland said confidently. “Come on, come here, be the face of TBS, of TNT; the patriarch of AEW. You got here by playing the political game; I had to work hard, get beat up and get back up to become AEW Champion, don’t forget that. So I dare you, come get my gold teeth, come get my gold championship, oh, that’s right, you won’t. That would put Christian in a very awkward position, wouldn’t it? And we all know that when Christian is faced with an uncomfortable situation, he will say, “I’m quitting.”

DangAlthough this isn’t the first time a wrestling promotion has tried to undermine the feud, as Shawn Michaels offered the duo a spot on his team. NXT ring to air their beef once and for all, Strickland decided to incorporate the diss into his own, an example of the beef building adding legit and fun to a feud that quickly comes together before Everything or nothing. Add to this that Gates of Agony and Brian Cage bring in Strickland, and you’re left with an incredible spot that takes everyone involved to the next level.

Matt Hardy is proud of Swerve Strickland becoming AEW Champion.

Although he is not currently an active member of the AEW roster, instead working with TNA on a per-appearance deal as he combs through free agency, Matt Hardy has been a firsthand observer of Swerve Strickland’s career to date and he was incredibly proud to see him win AEW Dynastyas he explained on his Extreme life podcast.

“Very happy for him, man. I really like him as an artist and as a person. So I was really happy that he was able to get this match and that it’s now official and he’s the AEW World Champion. And just proud of the man. And I think it’s also something that you’re very proud of, you know, the culture. You know, because he’s a black champion, it’s also very inspiring for black people in wrestling. So I think it’s really good on that front,” Matt Hardy explained via 411 Mania.

“I thought it was solid. I know you’re going to talk about the match a lot, but I thought it was a really solid match. It was great to see, I thought it was a great decision to make Samoa Joe champion in the meantime. Because, you know, we kind of had to – we came to an end pretty quickly as far as MJF’s reign was concerned. And Samoa Joe becomes the champion after MJF; I want to give Samoa Joe flowers because he was truly a champion when he did it. He was very believable, he was very bad**. And I think about the fact that we got to this point and we had the build-up with him and Swerve, and Swerve knocked off Samoa Joe. Which in its own way, as Rock said, seemed like a final boss in so many ways. Like this really big, bad, Samoan bada**. I’m very happy that Swerve got that strong win over him. And again, I give Swerve and Joe their flowers.

After working all over the AEW roster since landing in the promotion following the untimely end of his WWE run SmackDown, Strickland was finally able to overcome the odds and establish himself as the first ever African American AEW World Champion. No matter how his run with the belt turns out, that achievement can never be taken away by anyone.