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‘We deserve a fair chance’

Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle was unhappy with the lead during his team’s 130-121 loss to the New York Knicks in Game 2 of their second-round playoff series on Wednesday.

“Small-market teams deserve an equal opportunity,” he says told reporters when discussing the office holder. “We deserve a fair chance wherever they play.”

Him too said The Pacers believed 29 plays were wrongly called in their Game 1 loss on Monday, but decided not to submit them to the NBA.

Those plans change for Game 2, especially after the head coach was ejected near the end.

‘We’re going to call tonight. New York, get ready, you’re going to see them,” Carlisle said. “We deserve a fair chance. There is no consistent balance, which is disappointing.”

The Knicks are a physical team, as Carlisle noted. He also said that Indiana’s physicality is punished with whistles far more often than New York’s in this series.

Still, the Knicks’ 22-17 free throw advantage in Game 2 wasn’t exactly significant. Furthermore, Indiana had a double-digit lead and failed to capitalize, even though the home team was without OG Anunoby for the fourth quarter after being shut down. ruled out with a hamstring injury.

Then there was Jalen Brunson, who spent much of the first half in the locker room with one painful right foot. Even with those injuries, the Pacers lost by nine points, with a final deficit that suggests the outcome didn’t come down to one or two decisions.

Still, this could be a lingering frustration from Game 1, which was partly determined by poor game officiating.

The NBA’s final two-minute report of that game revealed that the referees incorrectly whistled Aaron Nesmith for a kicked ball violation in the final minute while the game was tied. Indiana appeared to have forced a turnover and potential opportunity to take the lead, but the Knicks were allowed to retain possession.

And Donte DiVincenzo scored a three-pointer that put his team ahead for good on that possession.

Referee Zach Zarba admitted it was a mistake, but fouls involving a kicked ball cannot be reviewed.

The lead was more of a storyline after Game 1 than Game 2, but Carlisle were still not happy after the latter outcome.