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Girlfriend of Australian surfer ‘brutally’ murdered in Mexico releases final voicemail: ‘I only think of you’ | Popular

A voicemail was shared on social media from Australian surfer Callum Robinson, who was ‘brutally murdered’ in Mexico together with his brother Jake Robinson and an American Jack Carter Rhoad. Callum’s heartbroken girlfriend’s voicemail is reportedly his last message to her. He was later shot in the head and dumped in a covered pit miles away with the other two men.

The image shows Australian surfer Callum Robinson, who died in Mexico. His latest voicemail to his girlfriend has gone viral. (Instagram/@callum10robinson)

DailyMail shared a recording of the voice note on Instagram. “Callum Robinson’s heartbroken girlfriend revealed the tragic final voicemail the Australian surfer left before he was brutally murdered and dumped down a well in Mexico,” the outlet wrote.

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In the ballot letter you can hear how the Australian surfer wishes his girlfriend good morning and a nice day. He also tells how he thinks of her. He ends his note with the words: “Cheers baby! I miss you”.

Listen to the voice note here:

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Brothers Jake and Callum Robinson from Australia and American Jack Carter Rhoad reportedly stopped to surf the breaks between Punta San José, where they were attacked on April 28 or 29.

Chief prosecutor María Elena Andrade Ramírez theorized that the killers wanted to steal from the foreigners, Callum and his companions. However, when the men resisted, the killers shot them.

“The evidence suggests that they (the killers) did not know where they came from,” she added. Police are questioning three people in connection with the murders.

“This is a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to them. To identify these amazing young men, they traveled through Mexico. We have dealt with them through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. I have indicated that I would like to speak to them at a convenient time of their choosing,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told reporters in the Queensland state city of Rockhampton, saying he wants an opportunity to speak to the brothers’ parents.

(With input from AP)

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