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MX News Update 2024


NSW Football scores big with local sports subsidies

The Local Sport Grant Program aims to provide support to grassroots sports clubs, with the aim of increasing participation, hosting events, improving access and improving sports and leisure facilities.

With a total of $4.65 million up for grabs in this round, each electorate had access to $50,000, with individual projects eligible for grants of up to $20,000.

In NSW, the impact of this initiative on football is significant, with more than $669,000 being spent directly on the sport. This funding includes participation programs, infrastructure improvements and more, reaching both metropolitan and regional areas.

Several Football NSW associations have reaped significant benefits from the fund, with more than $550,000 allocated to them. Of these, the Southern Districts Soccer Football Association (SDSFA), Granville District Soccer Football Association (GDSFA) and Football Canterbury stand out as the main beneficiaries.

SDSFA clubs have been approved for eight grants, totaling more than $76,000, aimed at lowering the cost barrier to football participation and improving the training environment through specialist equipment, coaching courses and apparel.

Our oldest football association in NSW, GDSFA, received more than $68,000 across four projects. Parramatta Eagles FC, Granville Waratah Soccer FC and Regents Park Saints FC all received the maximum amount of $20,000, ranging from equipment to women’s programs to cover this year’s spike in women’s football following the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Women’s football is bursting at the seams following the World Cup, with female player participation up 17% so far this year.

Football Canterbury clubs also received a significant amount of more than $48,000, reflecting the region’s high participation figures and commitment to serving diverse participants. The majority of successful grant applications focus on program-based initiatives, which provide accessible pathways to soccer for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Registrations at Football Canterbury are booming, with the association seeing a 10% increase in participation from the 2023 season, with over 19,400 registered in 2024.

Daniel Ristic, Government Relations, Funding & Infrastructure Manager at Football NSW, highlighted the importance of this funding.

“The Local Sport Grant Program offers football clubs significant flexibility, allowing them to seek funding for a wide range of needs, including programmes, essential equipment and small infrastructure projects.

“We thank the government once again for this continued funding. This program makes a real difference to local grassroots clubs in NSW every year.”

The list of all successful applicants can be found here – Local sports subsidy program

For a list of current grants that can benefit clubs, associations and councils, follow this link: Grants and financing