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CM Punk insists on original anthem

The unmistakable tune of Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” blares through the speakers as CM Punk makes his way to the wrestling ring. This is the music that has been played since the wrestler first debuted in 2011; this is the music he identifies with personally and professionally.

Recently, Corey Glover, lead singer of Living Color, shared the backstory behind this dream collaboration on the Drinks With Johnny podcast. Of course, he delved into things most fans are probably already familiar with: how CM Punk’s relationship with “Cult of Personality” began in his youth playing Little League baseball in the Chicago suburbs, where a progressive coach number chose as the team’s number. hymn.

This early association with the music influenced Punk, who in turn has used it for his legendary transitions, from backyard wrestling to WWE, and now AEW. Glover shared a hilarious realization about the financial benefits associated with Punk’s loyalty to the song and even went so far as to jokingly suggest that Punk’s insistence on the original song was very helpful, noting, “Car payments are always good because of him.” ”

Punk Theme Ultimatum

The contractual provisions for Punk’s entrance theme are particularly interesting.

When CM Punk was originally signed to WWE, a custom theme was designed by the company’s music department to replace ‘Cult of Personality’. Despite this, Punk refused to budge and insisted that only the real recording would be used for his entrances.

In a move that emphasized Punk’s insistence on using the song, his contract guaranteed that the song would accompany him throughout his career, regardless of which wrestling organization he is signed to. There would be no greater testament to his dedication to “Cult of Personality” than the sale of WWE, which simply left the music rights next to Punk, a clear indication of the personal and professional affinity he shared with that song.

More importantly, what Glover’s telling of the saga highlights is the deep bond that exists between music and the wrestler personas within the industry. CM Punk is currently in the middle of a major feud with Drew McIntyre; it is said that various developments take place every week.

As WWE charts the next chapters in this high-stakes conflict, fans are watching intently to see how Punk’s lasting legacy, underscored by his iconic entrance music, will play a role in the unfolding drama in the wrestling world.