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“F**k You”: Josh Hart Enlightens Reggie Miller Mid-Game Decoding of Loud MSG Chants

Once again, the New York Knicks and the MSG crowd proved to be too much for the inexperienced Indiana Pacers team. After a brutal 130-121 loss in tonight’s game, down 0-2 in the series, the Pacers felt the complete wrath of the Knicks fans by the end of the game. But the taunts and chants weren’t just limited to the players on the court, as Pacers legend Reggie Miller, who was sitting at the announcers’ table, also heard some familiar words at the Garden. And as he edged closer to victory, Josh Hart quickly let Miller know what the fans were saying to him.

With a ten-point lead and less than a minute on the clock, the Knicks fans filled the arena with the chants of “F**k you Reggie!” Then, to add salt to the Pacers legend’s wounds, Hart came up to Miller and told him in his ear: “I think they’re saying: F**k you.” Miller tried to laugh it off and put his headphones back on as Hart returned to the court with a big smile.

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