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David Pastrnak takes another shot at Matthew Tkachuk after Game 2!

On Wednesday night, the Florida Panthers defeated the Boston Bruins 6-1 to even the second-round series at one game apiece.
But so much more happened in this match and still trending is the fight between star players Matthew Tkachuk and David Pastrnak. In the third period, 136 penalty minutes were awarded and that caused the two top players to drop the gloves.

Tkachuk ultimately landed several shots on Pasta, who had first checked with his head coach Jim Montgomery if it was okay for him to fight.

While Tkachuk, who was strongly encouraged by his father Keith from the stands, came out on top, both players had agreed to do battle and as soon as they were back on the ice, the gloves came off and the fight began at halftime the game. middle ice.

Pastrnak and Tkachuk threw haymakers at each other and despite going down a few times, the Panthers’ superstar managed to deliver a solid knockout punch to the Bruins forward.

Pasta was visibly shaken, but went back in for more, absolutely furious that Tkachuk jumped him and threw a shot on the way down, before they were separated.

After the game, Pastrnak took an extra shot at Tkachuk, saying:

“I’m not afraid of him (Tkachuk), I can take a punch.”

The series now shifts to Boston for Game 3 on Friday night and Game 4 on Sunday night. And Pastrnak made it clear he isn’t afraid of Tkachuk and the Panthers.

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