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WWE’s newest recruit impressed at first WrestleMania

On April 15, the wrestling world welcomed an exciting development as newly signed WWE talent Giulia participated in the launch of Dream Star Fighting Marigold, an initiative led by former STARDOM director Rossy Ogawa.

This announcement was quickly followed by confirmation that Giulia will grace the ring at the promotion’s opening event, scheduled for May 20. Giulia’s recent WrestleMania weekend was nothing short of overwhelming for the Japanese-Italian star, who also appeared in front of the camera at NXT Stand & Deliver.

In a revealing interview with Encount, Giulia shared her awe at the greatness of WrestleMania, an experience that left a lasting impression on her. “I was overwhelmed,” Giulia admitted, reflecting on the enormity of the event.

“It was epic, moving and the energy backstage reflected the roar of the 80,000 fans in attendance.” The impact of WrestleMania was profound and changed her ambitions. “Witnessing such a spectacle made me realize that there are no limits to what I can pursue,” Giulia noted.

“While it’s exciting to compete in Japan in front of 3,000 fans, the experience of WrestleMania left me wanting more. It’s a feeling I want to pursue relentlessly.”

Giulia’s anticipated debut

As Giulia prepares for her WWE journey, fans are eagerly awaiting her debut.

It is expected that she will keep her ring name but will be introduced with new theme music to mark her new start in WWE. Speculation within NXT circles suggests that Giulia could enter the ring at NXT Heatwave on July 7.

This debut could be particularly historic as she may be competing for the NXT Women’s Titles. Recently, WWE hinted at the introduction of a North American women’s title, with rumors initially positioning Giulia as a potential first holder.

However, plans have since been adjusted to set a clear path for the coronation of the inaugural champion. As the wrestling community buzzes with anticipation, all eyes are on Giulia, whose ambitions and talent could very well reshape her career and the landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE.