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MX News Update 2024


Transparency is not required for compliance with the Rooney Rule

The Patriots’ ongoing search for a new General Manager (or a similar title) has raised a lot of questions. Had they stuck to the Rooney Rule earlier this week? And, more importantly, should teams be transparent about their efforts to comply?

According to a spokesperson for the league, and in general, “(c)lubs are required to report the league names of the people they have interviewed, but are not required to make them public. There have been some candidates who do not make their names public want to make.”

Again, that’s general and not specific to the Patriots.

Doug Kyed of the Boston Herald reported Tuesday that the Patriots were indeed required to fill the job. Rather, they complied with the draft because, as a league spokesperson told Kyed, “there was not a single person in the primary staff position, and . . . there were no changes to anyone’s title.”

The Patriots have reportedly seen several candidates decline to apply, possibly due to the perception that Eliot Wolf is destined to get the job.

Two outside candidates have agreed to an interview: Samir Suleiman, former Panthers director of player negotiations and salary cap manager, and Brandon Hunt, Eagles director of scouting.

Although a request for discretion and confidentiality would be a reason to withhold specific names when requested, it makes sense to publicly identify all candidates who have not requested anonymity. (You could also argue that, if someone wants a job of that magnitude, secrecy isn’t an option.)

So the Patriots, and no team, are obligated to tell the public anything about the efforts to comply with the Rooney Rule. Teams are only required to tell the league.