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Ric Flair gets into a fiery altercation with the Gainesville restaurant

Photo courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was in the news this week due to a well-documented dispute with a local restaurant in Gainesville, Florida.

The public first became aware of an issue between Flair and a Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza restaurant after the 75-year-old posted on social media on Sunday. He claimed that an interaction in the bathroom with the restaurant’s manager started the dispute.

“I spent $1500 on Piesano’s brick oven pizza to be disrespected more than ever in my life,” he wrote on X. “After taking 20 photos with customers and staff, I was asked to leave due to an issue I had with the kitchen manager staying in the bathroom too long. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing time in Gainesville at a nice restaurant to never visit this place! WOOOOO!”

In an interview with the Gainesville Sun, Flair said the issue stemmed from a disagreement between him and the restaurant staff. The veteran wrestler said he entered the restaurant’s washroom, but the stall was occupied by the establishment’s manager.

He claims he looked between the cracks of the stall, which allowed him to see the manager “texting away.” He remembers telling them, “Get out of there, I have to go to the bathroom.”

After leaving the washroom, Flair claimed that a woman who worked for the restaurant called him a “voyeur” and “creep.” These comments angered Flair, leading to a verbal altercation between him and the restaurant staff, which was captured on video and released online.

In the video, Flair can be seen cursing at the staff and claiming that all he intended to do was bring his family to the restaurant and “clean things up.” An unknown employee of the restaurant is heard claiming that Flair used profane language on the staff.

Despite the restaurant, which he said he would never return to, Flair offered to pay an employee a $1,000 tip. He also asked an employee to discuss the matter with him outside the building.

During the video, it is also mentioned that Flair was “cut off” from drinks due to intoxication.

Flair later said in an interview with the Gainesville Sun that he was considering suing Piesanos, and boasted that he “has the money to buy the restaurant.”

In a statement to the Gainesville Sun, Piesanos co-owner Jerry Roberts said Flair’s video “speaks for itself.” While claiming that Flair’s tip was not taken as a “matter of principle” to show that disrespecting their employees is unacceptable, they said that the employee Flair was referring to was still paid $1,000 by the owners .