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MX News Update 2024


Five chilling words allegedly uttered by suspected ringleader in execution-style murder of Australian surfers appear in court

By Charlotte Karp for Daily Mail Australia

15:43 May 8, 2024, updated 11:46 PM May 8, 2024

  • The white Chevrolet Colorado truck was set on fire
  • Callum and Jake Robinson allegedly shot and dumped
  • Their friend Jack Carter Rhoad was also reportedly killed

The girlfriend of a man accused of the alleged shooting murders of two Australian brothers and their friend in Mexico has told a court her boyfriend admitted killing “three gringos” during the botched robbery.

Callum and Jake Robinson, originally from Perth, were on a road trip along the west coast of Baja California with their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad on April 27 when they disappeared.

On Saturday, their remains were found near the city of Ensenada – about 2km away from their Airbnb in Rosarito – at the bottom of a well. They each had one gunshot wound to the head.

Mexican nationals Jesus Gerardo, his girlfriend Ari Gisel Garcia Cota and Christian Alejandro Garcia were later arrested.

Gerardo, known as El Kekas, was charged with forcible kidnapping, but this could be upgraded to murder.

In an Ensenada court Wednesday, Gisel revealed that her boyfriend allegedly confessed to killing the Robinson brothers and Mr. Rhoad when he returned from their blood-soaked campsite on April 27.

Callum Robinson, 33, (left) and his brother Jake (right) were traveling in the Baja California region when they disappeared on April 27
Ari Gisel García Cota, 23, is one of three suspects arrested. She is reportedly the partner of co-suspect Jesús Gerardo Garcia
Brothers Jesús Gerardo (photo left) and Cristian Alejandro García were two of the three suspects arrested

According to Nine News, El Kekas said: ‘I ruined three gringos.’

Gisel asked, “What do you mean by that?”

El Kekas replied, “I killed them.”

She told the court he outfitted her car with the tires stolen from the victims’ white Chevrolet Colorado truck on April 28, the morning after the alleged murders.

The truck was taken to Santo Tomás and set on fire, after which the wheels were removed.

Gisel fled to her mother’s home after the alleged murders and was arrested a few hours later.

Prosecutors told her she had the right to remain silent, but “I don’t want to, I want to state what I know,” explaining that she was a victim of domestic violence and wanted to protect her four-year-old son.

El Kekas is in pre-trial detention until his case is heard in court again in November.

Pictured: The white Chevrolet Colorado truck found on fire, with the wheels still on the vehicle

After the bodies were found Saturday, Baja California prosecutor María Elena Andrade Ramírez alleged that the trio planned to steal the tires but the situation turned violent as the men resisted.

However, questions remain as photos of the burned truck clearly show that the tires were not stolen because the wheels were still on the vehicle when it was set on fire.

Criminal psychologist Tim Watson-Munro told Daily Mail Australia there are many possible explanations for what happened, but he said it is possible the alleged murders were the result of a robbery gone wrong.

“The logical theory is that it was a botched robbery and they panicked and allegedly killed three people and threw the bodies in a well,” he said.

‘The fact that the tires were still on it seems to me the car is intended to destroy evidence.”

He said the idea of ​​allegedly shooting three people over a set of tires “seems strange to Australians, but life there is extremely cheap and people have killed for less.”

Mr. Watson-Munro said he has traveled along the west coast of Mexico and knows others who have gone to the same region in Baja California, but they did not stop at Ensenada because of warnings of cartel violence.

Expert criminologist Tim Watson-Munro (pictured) said the situation could have been a robbery gone wrong

“They decided to push through it and not stop there because they had been warned it was like anarchy on steroids,” he said.

“That area in particular is lawless.”

He described the situation as a terrible tragedy, adding: “They’re just trying to have a surfing holiday and they’ve paid the ultimate price.”

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After the bodies were found on Saturday, Ms Ramírez told local reporters that the alleged killers approached the men ‘with the intent to steal their vehicle and take the tires and other parts to the older pickup truck they were driving.”

“When (the tourists) came up and caught them, they definitely resisted, and these people, the attackers, took out a gun and first killed the one who resisted the car theft.

‘Then others came and joined the battle to defend their possessions and their attacked companion, and they killed them too.’

The alleged killers have been charged with kidnapping.

Ms García Cota, 23, reportedly had a mobile phone belonging to the missing men.

Police were able to make the arrests when a phone from one of the Australian brothers’ phones was turned on and pinged a cell tower in the area.

Australian brothers Jake, 30, (right) and Callum Robinson, 32, (left) are pictured with their parents Debra and Martin

The alleged murders have not been linked to organized crime, but investigators have yet to rule this out.

Jake, who worked as a doctor in Perth, had flown to the US two weeks earlier to visit Callum, who lived in San Diego with his girlfriend Emily Horwath.

Their parents Martin and Debra Robinson broke down in tears as they spoke about their son’s death in San Diego on Tuesday.

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Callum and Jake have been murdered,” Mrs Robinson said.

“Our hearts are broken and the world has become a darker place for us.”

‘Now it’s time to take them home to family and friends – and to the ocean waves in Australia. Please live bigger, shine brighter and love harder in their memory.”