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Donna Kelce reveals the qualities her son shares with Taylor Swift – Music News

Donna Kelce talked about the qualities her son shares with Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce’s mother believes he and Taylor Swift have a lot in common.

She shared her thoughts on Travis and Taylor, both 34, during an episode of The Martha Stewart Podcast.

“They’re both friendly, they’re both generous,” says Donna, 71. “They are both loving, caring individuals.”

She went on to describe Travis as a “fashionista” whose main goal is to make people laugh.

“He’s a fashionista (and takes pride in his) image and how he looks, but not so much about being perfect,” Donna explained.

‘It’s more about putting a smile on people’s faces every now and then.

She added that Travis is enjoying life in the spotlight.

“I mean, he dresses the way he should, but mostly he does it to make people laugh or talk,” she said.

“He likes to be the center of attention.”

As for whether she can foresee Travis and Taylor finally settling down permanently, Donna was tight-lipped.

“Well, you never know,” she said. “Time will tell.”

Taylor and Travis, an American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, have been romantically linked since September 2023. They met after Travis mentioned her on his New Heights podcast.