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Chael Sonnen offers to fight Jorge Masvidal after Nate Diaz’s boxing match: “I will be excited and I will beat him anytime”

Former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen is serious about fighting Jorge Masvidal in the future.

Chael Sonnen, Jorge Masvidal

‘Gamebred’ is currently scheduled to return to combat sports this summer. Jorge Masvidal originally retired after a unanimous decision loss to Gilbert Burns last April, but quickly expressed interest in returning. Less than a year after his retirement, he is now back. Masvidal is currently scheduled to face Nate Diaz in a rematch of sorts on July 6, in a boxing match.

However, Jorge Masvidal has many more enemies than just Nate Diaz. Over the past few months, “Gamebred” has gone back and forth with Chael Sonnen repeatedly. ‘The American Gangster’ has been retired for years, hanging up the gloves after a loss to Lyoto Machida in 2019. However, Sonnen has repeatedly teased a comeback.

Speaking The MMA hour with Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen discussed Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz. There, the former UFC title challenger stated that he was offered the role of backup fighter for the boxing match. While he has no plans to fight Diaz, he will be willing to fight Masvidal at any time and under any rules.


Chael Sonnen

(via Chael Sonnen’s YouTube channel)

UFC analyst Chael Sonnen shows interest in the future fight against Jorge Masvidal

Chael Sonnen added that the offer is also valid after Jorge Masvidal’s boxing match against Nate Diaz. ‘The American Gangster’ promised that he would fight his rival on steroids, and he’ll have to deal with it. They don’t call him ‘The Bad Guy’ for nothing.

“Yeah, and I don’t like that (backup) word, they used a different word because there’s no scenario where I would fight Nate and they knew that.” stated Chael Sonnen The MMA hour, in which he revealed his offer to be the backup fighter for Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz. “It was a different word. But they meant if Nate can’t do it, you take on Masvidal? I absolutely said I will… Whatever he continues to say, I accept Jorge. Keep limiting yourself. I’m going to do all those things and more, that’s why they call me a cheater.”

He continued: “…I will fight Masvidal now. He can use his right hand, he can kick me in the balls, he can do anything he wants. I will be excited and I will beat Jorge Masvidal anytime. But I don’t accept Nate’s struggle, and this is exactly what I told these jabronis.

What do you think of these comments from the future UFC Hall of Famer? Do you want to see Jorge Masvidal vs. Chael Sonnen?