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Italian tennis player and lingerie model Camila Giorgi is suddenly retiring

It’s a sad day for tennis. True dual threat Camila Giorgi has retired from the sport. The 32-year-old Italian, who in addition to playing tennis is also a lingerie model, did not need a farewell tour to say goodbye.

She was still a professional tennis player on Monday. Then, on Tuesday, without any formal announcement or fanfare of any kind, her name appeared on the International Tennis Integrity Agency’s list of retired players.

Giorgi, once seen as the savior of the sport – in terms of content, anyway – had suddenly and quietly hung up her racket. The fact that there was no formal announcement is apparently not that surprising.

She’s known for letting her racket work, and lingerie does the talking for her, by the way.

Giorgi has not competed since the Miami Open in March. According to, she had fallen to No. 116 in the WTA rankings and did not participate in the French Open, which takes place later this month.

Camila Giorgi is leaving the sport in search of the next dual threat

Without an announcement, a move I’m completely in love with by the way, it’s hard to say what’s next for Camila Giorgi. Will she be involved in lingerie modeling full-time? Is she going the Instagram modeling route?

These are questions that we currently do not have an answer to. What we do know is that she hasn’t been very active on social media this year. According to the caption, Giorgi’s last message was from a random spot in Miami seven weeks ago.

I’d like to think this will change and once she retires, she’ll be cranking out content left and right for her 725,000+ Instagram followers.

Now that the pressure of trying to return to the form that earned her a career-high ranking of No. 26 in 2018 is behind her, she can focus her time and energy on a solid retirement strategy – substance.

Tennis’s loss is hopefully the content world’s gain.