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Victorinox Pioneers Bladeless Multi-Tools – RetailWire

Victorinox, recognized worldwide for its timeless Swiss Army Knife, is embarking on a new and different venture: developing a bladeless version of its iconic multi-tool, in compliance with stricter international laws. This strategic venture is a response to increasingly stringent knife regulations around the world, pushing the Swiss company to innovate and meet changing consumer needs.

A spokesperson for Victorinox confirmed that the project is in its early stages and emphasized that the upcoming bladeless tools will serve as an additional addition to the existing range of multi-tools, rather than as a replacement. The aim is to provide users with specialized tools tailored to specific activities, such as cycling, without the addition of blades, addressing regulatory limitations while maintaining functionality and usability.

CEO Carl Elsener Jr. articulated the impetus behind this strategic change, citing the challenges posed by restrictive knife laws in various markets. “In England and certain Asian countries you are sometimes only allowed to carry a knife if you need it to do your job or work outside the home,” Elsener explains. “However, in the city, carrying pocket knives is severely restricted when going to school, the cinema or shopping.”