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By Joey Safchik /7SanDiego /April 29, 2024

A cannabis social program has been in the works for years in the city of San Diego.

The goal of the program is to open doors for people and family members affected by the criminalization of cannabis to enter the now legal industry. The city’s own research found that people of color were disproportionately affected.

Megain McCall has been convicted of cannabis abuse for possessing a bag of cannabis-infused sweets. McCall has spent half a decade advocating for the social equity program.

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By Colleen O’Connor

The packed crowd of concerned OB and Point Loma residents last night at the monthly meeting of the OB Planning Board once again demonstrates the deafness of the Mayor, most of the Council and a slew of bureaucrats.

It was yet another serious event to stop the overdevelopment, the destruction of the neighborhoods, the arrogance of Mayor Gloria and those who claim to support the crazy slogan ‘Complete Communities’, but quickly leads to the ‘loss of the character of the neighborhood’ and then to their demise. .

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Before a packed community meeting room, the Ocean Beach Planning Board rejected a proposed 20-unit development on Point Loma Avenue last night. The vote was 7 to 1 – and applause immediately broke out.

Board member Kevin Hastings made the successful motion to deny the project – an earlier motion to approve it failed for lack of a second – and Kevin based his motion on the loss of commercial space and failure to comply with the OB Community Plan .

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By Geoff Page

The use of OB’s sand by a volleyball company to make money is causing unrest among local residents. This was all detailed in The Rag’s February 22 piece. It appeared this problem was recently resolved when the city denied Volo Sports, the subject of the previous Rag story, a permit to use “pop-up” volleyball nets.

The immediate problem, the clear reason why the city denied the permit, was a safety concern raised by the lifeguards. There is no official word from the lifeguards, but it is known that the objection was related to “pop-up” volleyball nets.

It is not difficult to distinguish the security problem when you look at a pop-up net. It consists of a pole and at least two or three guy ropes tied to stakes or buried weights under the sand. When Volo’s business is in full bloom, there is a forest of these guy ropes everywhere.

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The May Uprising of 1970: It precipitated the early withdrawal from Cambodia and the end of the Vietnam War

By Frank Gormlie

The month of May 1970 was the height of the anti-Vietnam war movement – ​​and I have just written an entire book about that fateful month, The May 1970 Rebellion. Here then is an excerpt from an earlier edit.

The May Rebellion changed America and changed American politics forever – both in the immediate sense of the word and in the decades that followed.

The historically unprecedented “100-a-day new campus protests that occurred during the four days following the student deaths at Kent State” led to the creation of the largest student strike in American history.

It hastened the early withdrawal of the US military from Cambodia and was instrumental in forcing the end of the Vietnam War.

Enter Neil Sheehan A bright, shining lie, his award-winning history of the Vietnam War, wrote that “the bonfire of protest” ignited by Nixon’s “incursion” into Cambodia was so great that the White House had “no choice but to accelerate the withdrawal” of American troops from the region . Unfortunately, the pace of American withdrawal continued for another five years, leading to even more bloodshed among the Vietnamese, who suffered an estimated 3 million civilian and military deaths in total.

May 1970 was the culmination of the largest anti-war movement in American history, and its demands for peace and an end to the war objectively contributed to supporting Vietnamese liberation and greatly strengthening the anti-imperialist movement.

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