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MX News Update 2024


Brush up on bicycle safety and traffic rules

JACKSON, Wyo. – It’s that time of year! After a long winter, people have started ditching their cars and reuniting with their trusty two-wheelers to tackle the daily commute and errands or heading out for a joy ride.

Dry roads mean more drivers, cyclists and e-bike users will have to share the roads across the city. Whatever the mode of transportation, the laws of the road still apply. Cyclists in Jackson are asked to follow the laws to ensure the safety of others as they travel through the city.

Don’t know what the rules are?

Jackson police put it simply, quoting Wyoming State Statute 31-5-702: “If you can’t do it in a car, you can’t do it on a bike.”

So what does this mean in terms of how the public is asked to use a bicycle on shared paths? Here are the rules:

  • Always signal. Just like in a car, cyclists must point to the right or left before turning.
  • Obey the stop signs. That means a complete stop with one foot on the ground.
  • Make sure you have a lamp and a rear reflector when driving at night. The law says so.


Technically, the hands-free regulation only applies to motor vehicles; However, WSS 31-5-702 also states that individuals may not wear anything that would prevent the use of both hands to control their bicycles.

Cycling under the influence

“We support those individuals who are trying to do the right thing by using alternative transportation instead of operating a motor vehicle,” Jackson police said. However, if someone harms themselves or others by driving, a “DUI may be an appropriate charge.”

Quadruple stops

Four-way stops, like the cluster along Kelly Avenue, have shown time and time again that not everyone is sure how they work. Follow these four rules to a four-way stop to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.