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Lindenwood, Washington University Partner for Pre-Engineering Degrees – Lindenlink

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St. Louis, Missouri – 08/22/2021 – Brookings Hall on Washington University’s Danforth Campus in St. Louis.

On March 5, 2024, Lindenwood University announced that they will be partnering with Washington University for a dual program in pre-engineering.

“Lindenwood was interested in expanding opportunities for students, especially in STEM fields, and we thought about engineering,” said Dr. Erin Martin. “When we were looking for ways to create opportunities for students, we thought this would actually fit well with what Lindenwood already has to offer, and then provide another avenue for our students to pursue a degree. ”

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Washington University pursues dual degree programs with many other colleges across the country, and last fall Lindenwood approached Washington University about their interest in the partnership. Ultimately, a proposal was sent to allow Lindenwood to join Washington’s list of member institutions, and these were ultimately accepted.

“It was really because we wanted to create more opportunities for students here,” says Martin. “We get a fair number of students who are interested in technology, and we didn’t have a pathway for them. This gives them the opportunity to follow that path.”

The partnership is a three-two or a three-three program, where students start at Lindenwood for three years and complete their general education courses and their pre-engineering courses. Ranging from courses in calculus, physics, chemistry and computer science. Students must also meet a 3.25 GPA requirement.

“It all varies a little depending on what type of engineering students want to do. Then there’s a letter of recommendation from the contact person, and as long as students meet those requirements, they should basically be good,” Martin said.

According to science professor Dr. Cynthia Schroeder, Lindenwood plans to house specialized labs, equipment and classrooms tailored to pre-engineering courses once the program begins.

“The College of Science, Technology and Science is always looking for opportunities to enhance our academic offerings, expand research opportunities and strengthen our growing reputation in the STEM fields,” Schroeder said. “Partnering with a prestigious institution like Washington University can bring Lindenwood a wealth of benefits, including access to resources, expertise and opportunities for students and faculty.”

Upon successful completion of the dual enrollment program, students receive two degrees: a Bachelors of Science or Bachelor of Arts from Lindenwood, and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Washington University. That’s the three-two program. For the three-three program, students have the option to choose an engineering master’s degree from Wash-U. At that campus, students would take all engineering courses, but they can switch back to Lindenwood if they need to complete the remaining 120 credits. Overall, students and faculty from both Lindenwood and Wash-U are looking forward to how the program will go, how many students will participate and what all students will get out of it.

“With this partnership, LU will attract more students interested in STEM fields, especially engineering, diversifying the student population and fostering an even more vibrant campus community,” said Schroeder.