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rewrite this title Triple murder suspect in Mexican surfer deaths confessed to girlfriend that he killed ‘3 gringos’: report

Summarize this content in 2000 words in 6 paragraphs. One of the suspects believed to be linked to the murders of two Australian brothers and an American on a surfing trip in Mexico reportedly admitted to his girlfriend that he killed all three, she said. During a court hearing on Wednesday, the BBC reported that Ari Gisel, the girlfriend of suspected murderer Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota, allegedly showed up at her home on April 28 and told her that he had done something with “three gringos.” Gringo is a slang term used to describe English-speaking foreigners. When she asked what he meant, Gisel said Garcia Cota said, “I killed them.” In accordance with Mexican law, prosecutors identified him by his first name, Jesús Gerardo, alias “el Kekas,” a slang word meaning “quesadillas” or cheese tortillas. MOTHER OF AUSTRALIAN SURFERS KILLED IN MEXICO OFFERS RESCUE ON SAN DIEGO BEACH After admitting to the crime, Garcia Cota reportedly took Gisel outside to show her his vehicle, which reportedly contained the tires that were allegedly stolen from the victims’ truck, Gisel explained in court. Mexican authorities believe the surfers all died because thieves wanted their truck’s tires. The three men, brothers Jake and Callum Robinson from Australia and American Jack Carter Rhoad, were camping and surfing along a stretch of coast south of the city of Ensenada when they went missing last weekend. Chief prosecutor María Elena Andrade Ramírez theorized The killers were driving by and saw the foreigners’ pickup and tents and wanted to steal their tires. But “when (the foreigners) came up and caught them, they definitely resisted.” MEXICAN AUTHORITIES REVEAL BIZARRE REASON FOR BELIEVING AUSTRALIANS AND AMERICANS WERE MURDERED ON SURFING VACATION. The thieves then allegedly went to what she called “a place that is extremely difficult to reach” and reportedly dumped the bodies in a well-known well. A fourth body was also found in the well. Ramírez said investigators did not rule out that the same suspects had also dumped the first, earlier body in the well as part of previous crimes. All three bodies had a gunshot wound to the head, Reuters reported, citing a source from the attorney general’s office. The Robinson brothers’ mother paid a moving tribute to her sons on a San Diego beach on Tuesday. “Our hearts are broken and the world has become a darker place for us,” Debra Robinson said, fighting back tears. “They were young men enjoying their passion together: surfing.” FOURTH BODY FOUND SEARCHING FOR US AND AUSTRALIAN SURFERS WHO MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED IN MEXICO. During her speech, Robinson noted that her son Jake loved surfing so much that as a doctor he loved working in hospitals near the beach. “Jake’s passion was surfing, and it was no coincidence that many of the hospitals where he worked were close to surfing beaches,” she said. “Live bigger, shine brighter and love harder in their memory,” she said. Garcia Cota will be prosecuted for the crime of ‘disappearance committed by private individuals’, with murder charges expected to be filed later, the BBC reported. The prosecutor added that it continues to gather evidence in an effort to charge two other suspects, who remain in custody for alleged possession of methamphetamine. Fox News Digital’s Bradford Betz and The Associated Press contributed to this report.