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“Witty Little Sh*t”: Jon Jones Responds to Conor McGregor’s Famous Clip Rejecting His Rolex as Number 2

Conor McGregor and Jon Jones are two of the biggest stars to come out of the UFC. You could even call them Dana’s boys. And Dana’s boys have formed an unlikely friendship that often leads to them making fun of each other. Ahead of McGregor’s return to the octagon, ‘Bones’ shared a video of the pair flexing their Rolex as McGregor berates him.

The whole conversation started when Jon Jones tweeted saying that none of his opponents could ever beat him in the trash-talking game. One fan responded with Conor McGregor’s video.

In the video you can see how the Irishman jokingly calls Jones’ watch ‘The number 2 Rolly’. Bones captioned the post by saying:

“Lol he’s a funny little sh*t, that’s the homie though”

Jon Jones reiterated that he and Conor McGregor were still good friends. The heavyweight champion has always praised him when talking about him. ‘Bones’ admires the dedication and hard work McGregor has put into the sport. Jones is also a big fan of his nonsense and his ability to sell fights.

Speaking of nonsense, there’s one fighter the Irishman just can’t get out of his mind. It’s Ryan Garcia. After McGregor launched a scathing attack calling for him to be banned after the boxer tested positive for PEDs, Garcia wants a piece of the Irishman.

Ryan Garcia claims he will rip Conor McGregor’s arms off if they ever fight

When a PED was found in his blood test, several fighters and journalists started calling him out, including Conor McGregor. On a recent episode of the ‘Fully Tilted’ podcast, he said this to McGregor:

‘What’s his problem? Didn’t he run away from drug tests? Like this guy is a clown…I don’t even want to be mean to him. We were cool, but now he suddenly woke up and chose violence… I will rip his arms off.”

Ryan Garcia is visibly bothered by Conor McGregor calling him up. So much so that he even insulted podcast host Bob Menery when he said he liked the Irishman.

Garcia is now trying to prove his innocence regarding the failed drug test. It will be interesting to see if he can silence the critics again.