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MX News Update 2024


The Box went off while the Margaret River Pro was running during the main break

The slowness

The Margaret River Pro saw some of the better Finals Day conditions of this CT season. So far. Main Break was solid. All midseason scenarios were over. And on the men’s side, fans were treated to one of the best Finals matchups of the entire tour roster: John John Florence vs. Jack Robinson.

The drama of the cut has become the main storyline of the CT stop West Oz since it was set two years ago. But before that not-so-popular turning point was introduced into the season schedule, fans and surfers were always curious for a glimpse of The Box. Granted, most of us all hope that at least one day during each event, the conditions on the mat will be just right so that event organizers can sound a buzzer and run some heats there. That phone call turned out to be a crazy day during, for example, the Margaret River Pro 2019.

The expected scenario didn’t come to fruition this year, but The Box did turn on for at least one crazy session while the best in the world were in town. The Colapinto brothers, Jack Robinson, Eli Hanneman and a handful of other CT athletes came over from Main Break and put on a pretty incredible free surf session.